Woohoooh! Weekend!

YAY! Thursday and that means that the weekend begins here and now! 3 days full of work: getting ready for next week when I’ll have the skip here for 3 days to emtpy the flat. There is still too much to do. Sigh. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the day when everything is done!!!

Already finished some more letters this afternoon and I’ll bring them to the post office tomorrow morning before I’ll start my big buisness round to sort even more stuff for my move out.

Sometimes it feels like this stuff will never end….will never be done. ARGH. But anyway…in just a few days I’ll be in another country with the most wonderful man in the world. Sadly without my two boys and my mum but hey…Germany is only one 50 min. flight away. 🙂

Oh, and my new books arrived yesterday. Woohoooh! Three wonderful books about animals and trees. They’re absolutely georgeous with lots of photos and good, short descriptions. Just what I needed! It was so frustrating last time I was in the UK…I know the names of most of our local animals and plants but only in German and I that was a weird experience for me.

So it was clear for me that I soon needed some books where I can find the English names from all the birds, big and smaller animals and all the plants and trees! So I searched the internet for some nice books and came to the three books you can see above. I was soooo happy because they’re very similar to the German nature guides I already have.

NOW I’m ready for the british nature!!! 😀

Big cuddles and lots of tea and chocolate to all my friends out there.



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