Good news

I went to my Doc yesterday and he said that it would be better if I don’t go back to work next week because my tummy is getting better and the stress there would make it worse again.
I can’t tell you how happy I am! But sadly I have to go back for to bring them the car, get my money and give them the key to my office back. Still don’t like the idea of seing those idiot again but’s only for a fe minutes.

And my boys begin to like it here. Even if it’s much more noisy here I think they like it to have more space to explore and play. But it’s good to see that they’re still follow me every where. They are my boys and I will miss them until I can bring them to the UK in September.

And I went to the bank today and get everything there sorted out for my move. No I ‘only’ have to get the last things out of the flat, clean everything and  give the keys to the stupid landlord and then I’m ready for my new life in Croydon. Woohoooh!
I’m getting more and more excited every day!
But I’m not excited when I look outside the window. It’s cold and grey with a lovely rain and snow mix. Brrr… best weather to stay inside, have a nice cuppa tea and cuddle with Baghi and Schnecke.

Wish you all a nice day.

Tanja 🙂


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