It’s not just me…

It’s not just me who was treated like shit in the Company…the poor guy who should do my job from now on phoned me this morning and told me that he’s already frustrated after only 3 weeks!!!

I mean isn’t that poor for a company? A new employee full of energy and new ideas is frustrated after a few days working there!
And I thought it was just me who was treated like that.  Luckily it’s not like that. I’m sorry for the new guy but that isn’t my problem any more.
But what he had told me this morning was more then amusing…the Internet Security on my PC at work isn’t up to date since July last year and I’d told my boss about this many times without any change.
Yesterday he saw the pop up message from the program and was moaning why I haden’t update it yet. And after my co-worker told him that he was told about it he just said that he couldn’t remember everything. What a big asshole!

I bet there will be some unpleasant arguments on Friday and I’m more then glad that my mum will be with me then! I still have a weird feeling that they’ll up to something.

And now my tummy is feeling odd again. Sigh. Think it’s time for another cuppa tea.  Just glad that the cellar is almost empty and that there are just a few things that need to be done in the old flat. And I went to the garage to say goodbye to the people there and that was a rather pleasant experience. Think I’ll miss those guys a bit. 🙂

Right..tea…a joghurt and maybe even a little nap.
Have a nice day my friends and take care.


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