I’m free! Finally! Now I’m without a car and without a job! YAY! *grin*
But the most annoying thing yesterday was the part of going back to the company…
I had an appointment with the senior chef to bring him the car and the office keys back. But guess what: right he wasn’t there. So I kept the keys, left the car back there and drove with mum back home.

Now I’m curious what they’ll do next. I won’t phone them on Monday because I’ll be at the doc for my gastroscopy. YAIKS.
Those idiots have to get in contact with me…and if they won’t they can deal with my mum. *evil grins* And they don’t get the keys before I got my money.

But who cares?! My better half arrives here in only 10 days and I’m so very excited. And soon I’ll be in the UK to start a whole new life, learn more English and work on our backgarden. The great new adventure of a different country.

And the next 10 days were for more relaxing, sorting the last few things out and just have fun.

So happy Beltaine to you my friends…have a FANTASTIC weekend!



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