Surprise? Not really.

We’re still counting down. Just a few days now till I finally move over to the UK. But I knew that my mum was planing something…and we also bought far too much yesterday so I knew that someone would come.
And since the email from my aunt was very suspicious…*grins*…I knew that she would come here before I’ll leave. And guess what…now are my both aunts from Berlin here.

Sadly Baghira doesn’t like all the trouble and all the strange people and so he peed on the bag of of my aunt. *sigh* That was the third time since we’re here. Poor guy…guess it will be a hard time for him when I’ll leave.

Stupid law! Why can’t I bring them with me? Why wait 6 months when the blood test was ok? ARGH! Hope the time till September goes by quickly for all of us.

Anyway,…mum and my aunts are sitting downstairs tattling and drinking Averna. *wurgs* Too many people so I went upstairs…as much as I love them as much am I glad when I have it a little bit calmer with my better half!

Right…time to watch some news before bed…talk to you later.

Tanja 🙂


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