The Big Goodbye Party

Yesterday was a day full of surprises and lots of tears. My two aunts from Berlin arrived Friday evening…but the BIGGEST surprise was still to come.
After a nice breakfast we just sit there, enjoyed coffee and talked about all sort of stuff. But then the front door bell rang  my mum came in and said that there were someone for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes…it was my old co-worker with whom I worked 12 years together! I was so touched and I couldn’t stop crying…*sniff*
What a surprise!!!

We had two hours filled with old stories and laughter before he had to drive back home. That was the biggest and most wonderful surprise ever!

And even my best friend and also my ex-boyfriend came alongside with my best friend Sandra.  You can’t imagine how happy I was!

After 5 PM we had a nice group with old friends together. There were so much laughter and fun. Luckily it stayed dry so we could light a ‘Schwedenfeuer’ enjoyed the flames and the warmth while talking about old times…

But this morning was hard. Markus and Sandra stayed over night and had to leave after breakfast. I cried again but was so happy to see them before my move. Even while writing this I can’t stop the tears…it was such a touching and wonderful evening!

And after two nights with only 4 hours  sleep I’m so very tired and only want to relax! Time for another cuppa tea! c(__)
Pitures from yesterday will come later (when I’m awake..)

Tanja 🙂


And here are some pictures from our party…


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