A frightening new world and a big thanks to my friends!

My third day in the UK. The first two days were horrible…
I felt lost, guilty…like a complete stranger in a too big world. The knowledge that this isn’t just a holiday trip and that I wouldn’t see my family and cats again after a week or so was hard to acept.

All I wanted on my first day here was back home! Back to my boys and back into a country where I could have a proper conversation.

But I’m still here. Thanks to my wonderful better half for whom I made this big step. He’s patient and gives me all the help, love and time I need to settle in.Β  And thanks to my mum and friends who talked to me about it all.
Even if I’m still not sure if I’ll make it here…I will do my best to find a job and hopefully improve my English!!!

Today’s plan is to rearrange the kittchen and get some of my stuff into the cabinets. Lucky me that I brought some of my kittchen stuff with me….can’t live without my handmade japanese knife (and a few other useful things)!!!
Okeee…you don’t really need a knife to make pancakes….em….but…you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

Wish everyone a wonderful sunny day and a big THANKS to all my friends out there…you’re ACE!

Tanja πŸ™‚


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