Back in Germany…and homesick again

After two weeks I’m now back in Germany.
I must admit that the first week was really hard and that I was so very close to go back to Germany. But now I’m glad that I didn’t because I’m so very happy to have a life with my better half in Croydon. And now, being here I’m homesick and can’t wait to be back.

But it’s wonderful to be with my two boys together again. They’re both happy and we’re cuddling all the time.  Both slept in my arms last night…aaaah…how I missed that. (happily sigh)

Anyway, I’m here now for a few days (till 2nd of June) to sort some stuff out before I’ll head back home to the man I love and to our lovely cats family. So I can celebrate my b-day with both sides…in the morning here in Germany and for the rest of the day back home with Neil. Wooohooooh! 🙂

Hope that the weather will be fine so that we can sit in the backgarden for a nice little cider or cuppa tea and have a nice evening before a big dream comes true on the following day. But more about that later ;-P

Now it’s time for some breakfast. Hope you’re all fine and feeling good.

Big hugs


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