My first evening in the Iaido Dojo

As you may know or not I went to my new Iaido Dojo last evening…and what can I say? It was amazing, beautiful and exciting!
All the people there were fantastic, friendly and helpful. It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait for next tuesday.

Our Sensei is also a fantastic man. So calm and yet so energetic when it comes to fighting. He showed me my first techniques and later on I got the chance to practise the first technique with a young man (14 years old?). He was a really good teacher and showed me all the movements.
Can’t tell you how wonderful it was. It’s like a childhod dream comes true! And instead of a 200 km drive it’s now just 10 minutes! How cool is that?!
My Sensei was (quote) ‘Very pleased’ with me on my first day. He said that I got the movement and understanding. All I need now it time to improve all the techniques.

After the training I had the chance to talk with my Sensei because I wanted to know what I have to do to become a member of the club. He said that I just had to come and after a while we would decide if I become a full member or not.
And as I gave the Bokken back to him he said that I could keep it for practising . I mean he only knew me for 2 hours and he gave it to me without hesitating. I feel really honored to gain such trust after just one evening.

I think this Dojo will become my second home with lots of good friends and fun. And even if I got a nice bruise on my knee, blisters on me feets and a grumpy wrist….I can’t wait for next tuesday to go back for my next training.

Wish you all a great weekend. Take care wherever you are.



2 responses to “My first evening in the Iaido Dojo

  1. That sounds like a wonderful experience. Was it your first encounter with Iaido or have you already practised somewhere else? I had a lesson once when I was younger but it was too far away and too expensive to continue then. Now I’ve found my home in a group of european sword fighters and it’s just like everything I always wished for 🙂
    Wish you all the best in your new home at the dojo 🙂

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