6 days left…

Six days left now until Neil and I travel back to Germany to show my mother in law a bit of the region where I grew up.
It’s a late birthday present for her and I hope she’ll enjoy the trip.

It’s also is the final trip to bring my two boys to the UK. Can’t wait to have them back in my life! It’s just not right to not have them with me. I just hope that there’ll be not much trouble when we bring Baghi & Schnecke with Manny, Fenny and Rodney together.
It’ll be a difficult time while my two boys have to stay inside while Neil’s cats can go out. That means we have to watch when one of our cats wants in or out and make sure that Baghi does not escapes.

Maybe we should give those cat-flaps that reads out the microship a try. But somehow I’m scared that the flaps doesn’t close quick enough and that Baghi escapes while one of the others goes out.
Is anyone out there who has some experience with those cat flaps?

Anyway, Neil’s mum comes down on friday and on thursday I get some extra lessons from Shihan (my Iaido trainer).
Just hope that it will be dry and warm, so that we can sit in the backgarden while Neil can edit in the office.
So may exciting stuff is going on at the moment…but sadly some annoying things as well.

Normally I would get my unemployment benefit from Germany since this month. But after checking my bank account and still no money arrived but instead of that there are also some Insurances still booking money altough all contracts are inactive at the moment.
So I emailed my insurrance agent and still haven’t got any reply from him. GRRR!
I also rang up the German Arbeitsamt to ask them where my money is…and guess what…they told me that I wouldn’t get any money at all!
After I explained the lady on the phone that I sure get some money she rang up someone else and after that she confirmed that I should get some money and that the department for the payment would ring me back on monday or tuesday. Well, I guess they’ll ring me tomorrow, since no one called today. I’m curious why those idiots screwed my payments up. Have they any idea that someone needs the money to survive…to pay bill and so on???
Sorry, I better leave this topic alone because it makes me slightly angry.

And I also not mentioned the results of my job hunting results…

The only positive things at the moment are my wonderful better half who helps me as good as he can and Iaido dojo. Without them I would be completly lost! Even if I’m not able to kneel on my right knee, which is part of many techniques, I really enjoy every minute there. Not sure if my sword skills are improving but I’m definitely good in fighting with the Jo.
And since last Friday I’m an officially licenced martial artist…and yes I’m really proud of it. Now I have to learn the techniques I need for my first grading.

But before that I need another cuppa tea and something that keeps me warm. Hope everyone is o.k. out there in the world.

So take care and have a fantastic time wherever you are.



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