The funny ways of life and other weird stories…

Good morning everyone,

I guess it’s about time to bring you up to date with all the weird, annoying, horrible, depressing and exciting stuff in my life.

As you know I went over to Germany in mid September to bringmy two fluffy boys over to the UK. Sadly my better half couldn’t join us (I mean my mother in law and myself) because of his mental hernia, so it was mum driving the part here in the UK and I did the driving over in France, Belgium and Germany.
It felt a bit odd driving in a british car on European roads but you get used to it after a few minutes.

Our journey went well and we arrived safely and without any problems at my mums house in Germany. And after a nice cuppa coffee for me and my massive headache we had a funny and brilliant evening together. I really had the feeling that my two mums liked each other…they certainly enjoyed their time together in the kittchen!!! What a fun that was!

On monday morning we went to the Vet with my two boy to get the last two things done, so that they could finally go to the UK (so I thought at this point).

On tuesday I showed mum the Friedhelms Turm in Dillenburg. It was dry and not to warm or cold this morning so we had a nice walk around the castle and the park around it. We took quite a lot of pictures and had a nice time there.

Wednesday morning was the time to pack the car with lot of stuff and with my boys of course. So we head of to the motorway in the early morning. Luckily the weather was good except for some strong wind in Belgium and France. But we managed to get there after a few hours.

Now was the time to check in the EuroTunnel with my boys. But as you may suggest….there is where all our problems started.
First thing was that my Vet back in Germany vaccinated the cats to early and they also haven’t filled the Passports from the cats correctly. So we couldn’t go through the tunnel. Well, not before we went to a french Vet to chaeck the papers and get the passports signed.
So we went of to the french Vet around the corner (a 10 minute drive) while my two boys were still fully drugged and sleepy in their box. I explained the problem to the Vet and she said that we need a FAX from the Vet in Germany that the cats were vaccinated on Tuesday instead of Monday. So I phone my Vet (after an hour waiting) they agreed and we finally had the FAX and the papers signed.

Back to the EuroTunnel and guess what. The Vet had written the wrong date for the blood test into the papers so we had to drive back to correct that. After everything was done we were finally able to get on the train (normally we had to wait 24h!!!).

So after all this tohuwabohu we arrived british soil in the late evening and got home around 9 PM. I can’t tell you what a horrible trip that was for me and how happy I was to have my beloved boys finally here with me.

After a few weeks now, Schnecke and Baghi warm more and more up with the rest of the gang. Schnecke a lot more then Baghi although I think that Baghi might also be a bit jelous…but at least they are not fighting…it’s just a lot of hissing from my old boy.

Anyway…that problem was solved and life went on…till…well…till I found out that I wouldn’t get any unemployment benefit from Germany. You can imagine what an impact in my life this was! No money at all! The only way was for me to fly back to Germany and restart the prozess again. And all this because the EU changed the whole prozess this May and no one really knows how it works till today. Grmbl. Thanks for that EU!!!

However…Neil found out that e big swedish company here in the area was offering some jobs and suggested that it moght be worth to apply to them.
And so I did even if I knew they wouldn’t reply like all the other british companys before. But I was wrong. I got an email and a couple of days later a phone call and an invitation for a job interview.

How unexpected! I was so happy even if the job I applyed to was all about unloading trucks and that sort of stuff…but it was a start. So I went to the job interview on tuesday morning at 9 AM. Four hours later….em…yeah…four hours! I went back home hopeing to get this job. They told us (we were 20 people!) that they would contact us till the end of the week to tell us if we get the job or not.
So it meant again being patient and hope that I’d finally get a job this time. Since it was an odd day yesterday (I still had my nasty cold and Neil was annoyed by the endless hoovering from upstairs) we decided to go out for a bit and do a bit shopping. And so we did. We went to Staples to get some stuff for the company and then stopped by at a chemist and a weird little shop that has everything you can imagine…lots of little things you don’t really need. Grins. Suddenly my mobile rang and what the person told me on the other side of the line was unbelievable! She told me that they definetely want me but not for the job I applied for but for a Team Leader position instead. She asked me if that would be ok for me what I confirmed immediately! She then said that she would call me back for more details and how much my salary would be.

THAT MEANS I HAVE A JOB!!! Wooohoooh! How cool is that??? Neil was totally excited and we went into a lovely little toy shop and ended uo with Lego Star Wars toys and some Dr Who stuff for me. So you can imagine that we spent the rest of the afternoon with building our Lego spaceships and chilling out in front of the telly (what else can you do when you have a cold?).

So that shall be it for the moment. I hope you are all right wherever you are in the world. I send you some hugs, a nice cuppa tea, coffee or hot chocolate whatever you prefer more. 😉

Take care out there


2 responses to “The funny ways of life and other weird stories…

  1. Sieht ja so aus als wärest Du endlich in Dr. Who’s own country angekommen :;))) Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum neuen Job ! Ich drücke Dir alle Daumen für Deinen Start.

    • Naja, so wirklich angekommen bin ich nicht wirklich, Nele. Dafuer vermisse ich meine alte Heimat doch viel zu sehr. Aber ich habe ein paar wundevolle Leute hier drueben kennen gelernt und das ist auch schonmal was.

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