Latest news from the Samti HQ

Hello out there,

it is one of these days were I’m lost in thought about far to many things so I thought it is about time to share some of those with you out ther (if you like it or not 😉 )

First there are two big events that happend over the last weeks. First: I passed my graiding for the 6. Kyu and am now allowed to train with my Iaito that my mum has sponsored. Woohoooh!

Second: I got a job at IKEA in the logistic area. Maybe not a dream job but brilliant working hours (4:30 – 12:30 AM) and it is just a few mintes drive from here. I’ll start on the 16th of November. Good news, eh?

But that also means that I need some vehicle to get there because there’s no train or bus this early morning to get there…so Neil and I went to a car dealer to have a little hunt around. But somehow I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy a car right now before I even have earned my first money there…

Anyway, a job is another step to settle in and I’m also getting more and more involed in my Iaido club. I have so many ideas what we can do…so I started the first project yesterday and informed Shihan to see what he thinks…and what can I tell….he loved the idea. So I did the next step and brought the project to life, Now I have to wait till the finished idea will be delivered.
I’m really curious how it will look like and how we’ll progress from there on.

And because it’s getting darker (and colder) outside it is the time to be a bit lyrical. So here are a few new lyrics from me. Enjoy them or not…it’s uo to you.
Either way…hope you are all well out there.

Take care and may the Force be with you 😉

Soul of a Sword

From the darkness of the earth
Forged by fire and water
Sending your enemies to the ground like a storm
Because of you your wielder becomes

Solid as rock
With a passion that burns bright like a fire
A smooth movement like a river
And quick like the wind

All because you become one
Man and sword
Two souls united
To fight for what is right

This is the Iaito my mum bought for me :-)

And a few lines about swordsmanship:

A sword isn’t only there to end a life. It is also there to cut the cords that keep you away from finding your path and inner peace.
Swordsmanship is about you and you alone. Cut away the weed that keeps growing into your mind and empty it so that you can see the truth: the real path.


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