New blog design and some thoughts

Morning to my few readers,

I thought it would be time to change the design of my little blog…hope you likeit as much as I do.

Just a few hours before I start my first working day here in the UK. Can’t tell you how sick I feel because of that. Can’t even tell you the reason why…maybe because it is that a part of me finally realize that I’m now here for sure…while the other side still misses my old home back in Germany.

It’s wierd. Over the last few weeks I miss my forrest so much that it almost hurts. I miss the opportunity to have a 10 minute walk and be in the middle of the forrest and be all on my own. I don’t have the chance over here and even Toys Hill is to far for me to get there without a car (I don’t even know exactly the way to get there).

I really hope that we’ll soon have our Iaido training up there…which means I can get there earlier and just enjoy the silence and the trees around me.

I am a forrest person and I realize that now more then ever. If my salary from my job allows it I might be able to buy myself a car so that I can drive up to Toys Hill as often as I need/want it.

Till then…let’s hope that everything in the new job went well.

Speak to you soon.



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