A little review over the last two weeks

Hello all together,

It’s time to review the last two weeks since I started to work. The first 3 days were a bit of a struggle because I haven’t got any training or knowledge about the products in my department so it was difficult for me to give the customer the information he/she was looking for.
Anyway, somehow I managed to gather a lot informations by myself so it became a bit easier. I also must say that I’m quite surprised with the whole philosopy from a company that big. They really care for you as a co-worker and try to support you as best as they can. So even if they don’t pay a lot it is better then haven’t got any income like at the moment. There is a possibility to get a pay rise after a few weeks and also if you’re willing to learn and qualify yourself as for example you can work forwards to a team leader position which I certainly will do!

From one perspective I really enjoy the work with the customers. It is challenging my knowledge of the English language. But on the other side it it quite a stressful job and not really good for my knee or back because of the walking around all day long or robbing on the floor to fill the shelves.

But it won’t be forever and that is all that matters so let’s change the topic šŸ˜‰

…and comming back to my Iaido Dojo…we had an awesome Calligraphy evening with Koichi san who thaught us how to draw words in Kanji. It was amazing, exciting and very relaxing as well and I can’t wait to do that again! So as soon as I get my first payment I’ll go out there and buy myself all the stuff I need to practise a bit on my own šŸ™‚

The first picture shows our club with Koichi San and the second picture is a drawing with the words Bushido and No Mind written on it made by Koichi San. I love this drawing of the two Samurai on horseback greeting each other. It is peaceful and powerful at the same time.
All that makes me want to draw again but it’s been ages since I’ve last drawn a picture that looked good… šŸ˜¦

Oh and guess what…only four weeks till x-mas. But this year sadly without my mum because she has to work. Sigh. That will be the first time ever that I won’t see her. Feels odd. But since I have to work I won’t be in a festive mood anyway. Somehow I miss my time in Germany where I didn’t have to work between x-mas and Sylvester or even saturday/sundays. Somehow life was easier in Germany than here…

So enough sad and weird thoughts for the moment…hope you’re all well wherever you are.

Take care.


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