Life goes on and that’s a good thing

Good morning everyone.

After my first weekend off (yes, two days at home in a row) I’m off again and enjoy my day with a rather unhappy knee and aching back.

All the runing around an heavy liftig is not really good and I’m sure that my doctors in Germany would tell me off if they’d knew.

Anyway, life goes on and since I finally got a bank account and a monthly salary Neil & I made some plans what we wonna do over the next month to upgrade our flat. First thing we’re going to buy are some Billy bookselfs (hehe, yeah sponsored by IKEA I know) to sort out all our DVD’s and Lego in the living room. Some nice new space to store our little treasures will be a nice thing.

After that we’ll get some new wooden flooring in the living room, the office and the corridor. Not sure if I’ll do myself or if we ask proffesionals to do it. We will see πŸ˜‰

After all that we’re going to have a nearly new flat with maybe some new colors on the wall as well. πŸ™‚

Oh, and thanks to one of my German insurances I’ll be now able to finance the trip to Japan next year all on my own. How cool is that? It still feels weird that I’ll really go to the land of the Samurais…the land were the real soul of the worrior comes from.
But until that I need to train a lot more as soon as it get’s warmer outside! Just hope that my knee will get better soon otherwise I won’t be able to perform any kneeling techniques. Grmbl.

And since I declared 2011 to the year of friendship I also started a little blog for everyone to share there thoughts and ideas what we can do to bring some joy to the people who are always there if we need them.
So if you like the idea please tell friends about it and use the #yearoffriendship hashtag if you want to let everyone know who are your friends are. It’s a bit like follow friday just a different idea. πŸ˜‰

You can find our blog here:

So, I think that’s enough for today. I’ll make myself a nice, hot Miso soup now and cover my knee in loads of red Tiger Balm so that I’ll be fit for training later on.

Take care where ever you are


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