Weekend and other things


A wonderful sunday afternoon to all of you,

I’m writing this blog entry with my new Samsung Galaxy tab that I got as a Valentines present from my better half. Cool eh?!

After upgrading the firmware today and spenfung lots of time exploring everything I must say I really like it! It is very light, extremely handy and looks sexy.
I think it will be a nice gadget that will make things easier from time to time.

Let’s change to another topic. Yesterday we watched ‘Fearless’ with Jet Lee and all I can say is that it is a wonderful movie with a great but sad story which still keeps my mind busy.
I mean I already wrote about how important Iaido for me is but is isn’t only the sport as more all the wonderful people who share this passion with me, friends that go these path with me together.
And it is this friendship, this togetherness that makes this dojo so wonderful that they’d become my second family over here.
Being a martial artist has so many meanings and I’m still not sure if I understand all of it but I can say what it means to me: friendship, growth, strength, wisdom and inner peace.

And that shall be it . . .ehm, no one more thing. I want to say how much I dislike people who bring a little kitten in their house only to abandon that poor thing a few weeks later.
That is the case for this lovely, little lady here who comes for food, rest and some love to us.

Wish you all a nice and relaxing sunday and take care wherever you are.



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