And here we go again

Another bad flu/cold had struck me down. Not only did I miss the waterfall training with my friends I also found out that I’m again stuck in a situation more than familiar.
Stuck with a person who is afraid of other people with knowledge, people who are not afraid of taking responseabilty and get on with things.


I’m tired of dealing with those kind of people who never heared of honesty, fairness and who are unable to see the bigger picture. People who always want to be in the middle of the spotlight, always earn the credits even if they didn’t do anything to achive it.
People who are without honor, people I’ll never accept nor understand.
Well, I do understand what is going on in their minds I just don’t get that they can’t see how wrong they are.

And now after a nice long chat with my mum on the phone I’m going to enjoy my flu in all it’s glory. *cough, sneeze, chough*

May you all have a lovely evening without any cold sympthoms.
And my last thougts goes to our beloved Brigadier – Nicholas Courtney. RIP and have fun with Jon Pertwee 😉

Good night everyone


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