Well thanks for that!

Right. It’s time to write down all my frustration, anger and sadness.
As some of you might know I’m without any job at the moment and still trying to get a new one. And here we come to the pount that makes me so frustrated: the lack of help!!!

Before I moved to the UK I tried to get as much information as possible for the case that I might get unemployed and need sone help during this time. . . . and guess what . . . they all said that it won’t be a problem because I’m a EU citizen and my working time in Germany will be fully recognized here in the UK and that I will get financial help if I would ever might need it because I lost my job.

And look at me now. I’m nearly to the point of a mental breakdown because I don’t get any help at all. Germany won’t give me any help befire I jump onto a plane and pop back to jobCenter and apply for benefits. Yeah, sure. Did you idiots ever considered that people who live in a different country might not have the money to come back? I mean wtf? Why can’t they send me the damn paperwork and the jobCenter over here can make sure that I really try to get back into work?

No, instead of that you get left on your own with no help at all and all that is left is that big hole of emptyness, anger, sadness and the allmighty feeling of being lost, useless and a piece of worthless shit.

And I’m now stuck in this big pile of shit where you easily get lost in it. I just want to cry, scream and shout all day long because I don’t know how to cope with the whole situation.
And now I got a job offer and all they need to employ me is a 3 day first aid at work course which would cost around £ 300 but of course no one would help me paying for this.
But hey, no problem guys. I lost my job and don’t have any big savings because Germany let me down after moving over so of course I have the money to pay for any qualification I might need.

There aren’t any word to describe how I feel in this situation and how I’m dissapointed with this so calles European Union that’s supposed to make those kind of things easier.
So my point of this is (and I apologize in advance for the rough language): Fuck you EU and you’re system! You are no help at all and thanks for leaving your people lost and destroyed with no support nor advice.

I’m not regret that I moved over to the UK but I can tell you that I won’t ever do it again!

So if you were always in a situation like this or know people who were let me know cause I would love to hear their stories.

Talk to you soon. Until that be save and take care.



One response to “Well thanks for that!

  1. Ich weiß, es ist kein Trost, aber die Freizügigkeit gilt nur solange, wie Du Dich selbst ernähren kannst. Sobald Du soziale Leistungen in Anspruch nehmen musst, ist es zu Ende; im Zweifelsfall wird sogar erwartet, dass Du in Dein Herkunftsland zurückkehrst. Einem Briten, dem in Deutschland ähnliches widerfahren wäre wie Dir in GB würde es genau so ergehen.
    Ich drücke Dir auf jeden Fall ganz fest die Daumen, dass es mit dem neuen Job ‘was wird, auch wenn ich keine Idee habe, woher Du das benötigte Geld bekommen könntest.

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