The Last Day

Hi my friends out there,

Today is my last day of being unemployed. Tomorrow we’ll be driving down to Maidstone to meet my new boss and get everything sorted.
And then it means to find asap a little, cheap car to get down there every day because public transport is a) too complicated and b) far too expensive!!!

I’m highly excited about all this and hope that I will stay with this company for a couple of years! The boss certainly sounds very nice on the phone and from what a friend of mine told me, it is a really nice company to work for.

Soon I’ll have an income again and can help Neil to pay the bills and safe some money for my trip to Japan next year….although I’m still not sure if I really should go there.

Anyway,..let’s see what the future brings and enjoy it!

Happy Easter and cuddles to all of you.

Tanja 🙂


3 responses to “The Last Day

  1. Maitland scheint das Health-Center der Briten zu sein :;)))
    Ich hoffe, es gefällt Dir. Ich drücke Dir jedenfalls fest die Daumen.

  2. Dann wünsche ich Dir alles Gute für Deinen neuen Job.
    Solltest Du jetzt etwa bei einem Unternehmen im Dentalhandel arbeiten? Falls ja, melde Dich mal bei mir per mail. Ich wäre dann nämlich in der Europa-Zentrale :;))))

    • Nein, leider kein Dentalhandel. Ich arbeite fuer ein Krankentransport Unternehmen. Trotzdem einen dicken Knuddel und danke fuer Deine Antwort. 🙂

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