The world is changing

Morning everyone,

It is 6:30 AM and I’m up again. Many things are going through my mind this morning like my new job and the car I’m I bought and pick up from the garage on thursday.

I’m so looking forward to start the job with the patient transport service down in Maidstone! The people there are great, friendly and I really felt comfortable there from the first moment I arrived.
But since it is difficult to get to Maidstone via public transport (and also far to expensive) it was time to look around for a cheap and cheerful car. Oh and guess what…I found one…and it is a FIAT again. LOL. Somehow I got the feeling that I will always be stuck with a FIAT. But hey, I know the engine and all their little problems they might have and can do a lot on my own.
So I bought a FIAT Punto turbo diesel. Rofl, I know…a turbo diesel for such a tiny car sounds funny..but hey…it is a diesel engine and they last forever if you give them a good bottle of oil every few months.
And I’m going to get this checked and cleaned up little, silver fella this thursday and that is another step for my live here in the UK, another step to settle in and become a bit more independent.

On one side I’m really excited about all this and on the other side it feels just weird…realising that I now almost live a whole year over here without archieving that much…from a job point of view.
Let’s just hope that my new employer will keep me for a couple of years!

But buying the car means also I have to use up all my saving that was meant for my journey to Japan next year. Well, now I have to stay here and enjoy my new car instead and work hard to earn money and proof myself as a good co-worker.

And who knows…it might be better if I don’t fly over to Japan…I wasn’t sure if I should from the begining…I’m just not good enough and there are other who deserve it much more then me.
I need first a new Iaito which isn’t too heavy and which dosn’t kill my wrist while practising.

As soon as I have that I can practise a lot more on my own in the backgarden to catch up with the others…if I ever will…

And now it is time for another cuppa tea outside in the backgarden..and a bleuberry muffin to celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden. Well, done to everyone who was involved in this operation. And for the one who did that shot to finally kill this guy…congratulation! This was the shot of your life mate!

Right….time to go outside and have a look for our little one…put some food out for her and hope that she is alright. 😦 *sniff*

Tanja x


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