New car, new opportunities

It finally happened! I got my own car! Woohooh! A little FIAT Punto, 1.9 l turbo diesel. Although the car was disgustingly dirty on the inside and I had to give it a good clean, the engine sounds quite happy.

Thanks to Neil I now have new seat covers so you don’t have to worry to catch something from all the dirt anymore. Looks quite nice with the black and dark blue now.

I drove the first time with it up to the dojo yesterday evening. Was great fun but the radio is CRAP! None of the buttons are working, the CD jumps at any leaf you drive over (and humps of course) and you can’t skip songs, change the volume or get the CD back out….ARGH!

Can’t wait to build my old car radio in! I want to listen to ‘Die Streuner’, ‘Irrlichter’, ‘Rabenschrey’, ‘Schandmaul’ und ‘Bardic’ again!
Anyway, we shall see how the car ticks when we drive up to Birmingham tomorrow. That means for me: get up at 5 AM, be in Wallington around 6:30 AM and then drive all the way up to Birmingham for the Martial Arts Show.

This will be my first demo ever. Quite exciting…and because of that I practised a bit this morning in the backgarden…with some nice raindrops to cool me down. 🙂

Now time for some F1 and more tea…or coffee…or something else? And after a bit relaxing in front of the telly it is time to exchange the spark plugs on Neil’s car.

See you later folks.

Tanja 🙂


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