A shity one year anniversery

Yes, today is the day. The day were I am now one whole year here in the UK.
And to be honest….I’m not sure if that is a reason to celebrate after all the shit that happend in this time like:

– found a job and lost it because of a f**** freak
– live without any financial support from GER or the UK (thanks EU)
– being told that I can’t have a friendship with the only friend I have over here

At the moment I doubt that it was a good idea to come over to the UK and to think I could start a new life here.

If there weren’t Neil who is a real angel and who helps and supports me as best as he can I wouldn’t be here anymore.
Instead I would have run back home months ago.

I feel like a stranger, like someone who isn’t welcome, someone who is different and has no right to be here.

So what am I doing here???



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