Birthday surprises and Doctor Who

Okidoke, now I am 35 years old and didn’t expect to see any of my friends or family this year. So it felt odd and I was also a bit sad because it felt like all my old friends had forgotten about me.
No cards, no emails, just one sms from my best friend Sandra and a lovely card from ex-collegues and that was it.

Of course I got lots of b-day wishes on facebook and that showed me that my old friends haven’t forgot me even if I’m now here in the UK.

And on the 2. of June our doorbell rang and I was expecting the postman to deliver my birthday parcel from my mum.
But instead of a postman there stood my mum and her girlfriend with a birthday cake singing ‘Happy Birthday’.

What a great present that was!

We had a great time together, had lots of BBQ in our backgarden, went shopping and ended up with a brand new garden table and chairs. WOOHOOOH! Bring on the garden parties. 🙂

I got sooo many wonderful presents this year and even if my friends weren’t around I still could enjoy that day with my beloved ones.

And now change of topic. Let’s talk about last nights Doctor Who.

I bet that there are many fans out there, like me, who love the character River Song. We have seen her in previous episodes and the mystery that was woven around her made her exciting and difficult to judge.
Who is she? Is she the Doctor? Is she his daughter or maybe his wife or even his mum?
Well, we found out who she is in the last episode.
But…if I may be honest…the idea is good BUT it doesn’t feel a bit weak for my personal taste. She is Amy’s daughter and she grew up with the Doctor in the TARDIS. She is human with Timelord DNA.
She has a briliant mind and she knew a lot about the Doctor as we have seen before which makes now sense after the last episode.

But how can someone who grew up with the Doctor as a father figure be that flirty with him? It doesn’t really makes sense for me.

I was hoping that there was a bigger story behind River Song something no one expected something BIG. I the end it just doesn’t suit a great character like her. But that is just my opinion. What is yours? Please feel free to let me know.

Now it is time for another cuppa tea or maybe a coffee and enjoy a nice, quiet sunday afternoon.

Take care everyone


One response to “Birthday surprises and Doctor Who

  1. Nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag.

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