Doctor Who pause…so what shall we do?

So, what shall we do? No more new Doctor Who episodes till autumn. Shall we rewatch them or shall we go back to the classic series and watch them again? I would love to see the whole Jon Pertwee era and continue from there till the new series.

Or shall we start something completly new? Neil suggested to pick one of our childhood cartoons and rewatch them while recording our thoughts about it. That would be great fun!
But where to start? Danger Mouse? He-Man? Dungeons & Dragons? Silverhawks? Mila Superstar? Gummi Bears? Saber Rider? Bravestarr? Centurions? Care Bears?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What would be your favourite you would like to rewatch? Maybe we can start a big 80’s cartoon-series-re-watch-childhood-memories thingy. 😉

Please shat this idea with your friends on facebook or twitter and let’s see where this idea ends up.

Till next time…take care and may the Force be with you.



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