Is it already July?

Good afternoon everyone,

A lot happened over the last days like: I haven been told that the patient transport people don’t have any work for me , which means back to the joy of JobCenter, we got two new kittens, Toshiro and Jiji and we also finished our garden project.

I also still hope that my mum and my lawyer in Germany will be sucessfull so that I finally get all the unemployment benefits from last year and maybe even from this year.  That certainly would make things easier and I could give Neil the money back I owe him, pay for more lessons from the dojo and put some money aside for next year Japan.

Till then it means looking every day on the job sites, aply for some of them and try not to go mad.

But hey, we got two new little fluff balls named Toshiro, whovis a white little boy with two black spots on his head and a black tail while the rest is white and his brother Jiji who is black and white. They bring some joy and laughter into our life. It is just amazing how they run around like mad things, find everything exciting only to fall asleep a few minutes later. Both are going well with the rest of the gang, they even snuggled up with Schnecke and Baghi seems to warm up as well.

And finally our garden. Mike and I were working for three days to finish our project and all I can say is that it looks better as I’ve ever imagined! But it was Neils final idea what made it really brilliant but sadly that is all I can tell you so far because there is still one person for whom all this will be a big surprise.

There is more to tell you, if you have a few minutes left. Neil had another brilliant business idea which could work. We talked with my best friend about it and together we will create a lot of things you might like…well if you like the japanese culture and especially martial arts and Samurai.
That’s all I’m gonna tell you at this point. As soon as we have some products ready, I will tell you more about it.

Until then, take care, enjoy the nice weather and come over for a cuppe tea if you can.

Tanja 🙂


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