Argh…soooo difficult

ARGH! 13 pagesI have to fill out for a job offer…and the thing they want to know….pfft…it wouldn’t be easier in German either…so how should I manage it in English then?

Oh well, suppose I just try to find some nice looking words, put them together and see if they still want me after that. If not….I wait for the next endless-pager to come back at me.

Frustrated greetings



One response to “Argh…soooo difficult

  1. I always thought my English is pretty good – until I had to fill the form for reclaim of british VAT :;((( Finally, I knew why English people drink so much tea.
    It took nearly a year and two sendings to the tax authorities (in Belfast !) to get 1.500 GBP VAT back. And I gained a lot of inner patience :;)))
    Pressing thumbs that you will find a new job soon.

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