The new business – shodo

Good morning everyone,

I spent yesterday and this morning a lot of time to find out what sort of tools and products I need for our new business.  There are just some basics we need to get things started all in all the cost would be around £170, which isn’t really that much consider that we would gain around £430 in return that means a plus from £260.

I also contacted a supplier in China this morning who sells beautiful gemstone pendants. Already got a reply from them and I’m waiting now for the final price. Hope it won’t be too expensive but I think the pendants would work very well. I’m thinking of engraving half of them with Kanji and leave the other half for people to choose what they want written on it.

All I need now is a little bit money so I can pay for my training lessons, fuel up the car and buy a few things for the new business. Sigh. Life ain’t easy, eh?!

Take care



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