Have you ever tried to see your action figures in a different light?

Time for a new post it is,

So let me first tell you about my new project: The adventures Clone Trooper TG Blog. As mentioned earlier in my blog, I really enjoy creating those little stories and put the action figures in the right pose for it. They are all so well made and you can nearly think that they were real Troopers. 😉

At the moment I try to create a serious storyline, which takes me over 3 or 4 blog entries to finish. It is a bit more difficult because you can’t act that much with those little figures, so I have to rethink and experiment a lot to get the result I want in the end.

But I hope that some of you will like it and will stay with me through the next adventures.

If you haven’t had a look yet go and have a look at Clone Trooper TG’s Mission Reports

But there is another idea which I’d like to try over the next weeks. Neil had the idea of taking photos from the Troopers that stand next to my color changing light and the result of that was this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The idea now is to take different figures and set them up in different places with a different light setup. Maybe someone from HASBRO will like it and let me take more pictures of even more figures.

I also had the idea of uploading all the pictures I took from my figures to amazon.co.uk with the hope to get some feedback to them as well.

All in all I will keep taking pictures of my little Troopers just because it give me something to relax and be creative.

Hope you will share your thoughts about the pictures with me. The more feedback the better.

Talk to you soon.



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