Audiobooks, Kitten, Star Wars with a hint of Shadow Guard

Right, it’s me again…yes…I know…haven’t bloged for a while…but here I am again to tell you what happened over the last couple of weeks.

First: I am still alive (even if my stomach and head tell me otherwise at the moment)

Second: The cats are fine and Toshiro and Jiji are getting bigger and bigger each day. Sadly we had a wee accident in our bed yesterday. Looks like I have to get those damn expensive Feliway plugins again, and maybe also the spray & the Zyklene capsules for Baghi.

Third: I started to help Neil with audiobook editing over the last couple of weeks and  (,……mnj (that comment came from Fenny, who just ran over the keyboard)) looks like that I’m not too bad in doing that. It is also great fun to listen to all those stories (except the first story I did *hint*) 😉

So that’s roughly what was going on. I also couldn’t go to training for weeks now because I didn’t have any money. I can’t tell you how shit I feel having no money and always have to rely on Neil or my Mum to give me some money. All this and feeling so horrible lonely was what struck me down. I so miss my friends in Germany and I so rarely have any contact to them….*sigh*

But all this is going to change since I will soon have a job and don’t have to bother with the idiots from the Job Center anymore and can finally start to have a life again. That also means that I have to sell my car, since I don’t need it that much anyway and it is just eating money for the insurance, so I think it would be best to sell it and put this money back into my saving account and keep it for emergencies (and a new mattress).

There is also still a little dream I would like to build on…my very own Clone Trooper amour so that I can become a full member of the 501st and can march with them and have some fun out there. A whole amour will cost around £ 1000 so this will be a long time project and I am still not sure which sort of amour I really want….Utapau Shadow Trooper? Shock Trooper? Or maybe a nice ARF Trooper amour like the Kashyyyk or like Boil…sooo many choices…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh well, comes time comes money and the right idea which it will be. Although there would be still the Joker character:

This would be my favourite choice…especially with the weapon. (grins)  My kinda weapon to play with. I also think that this amour wouldn’t be so expensive like the normal Trooper since you need less of it.

So yeah, think that’s it for the moment…time to get some more stuff for my tummy later on and just relax a little bit until it is time to edit a bit more when it is a bit quieter later on.

Oh, one more thing…as you all know…I am a Doctor Who fan and Neil was working with Arthur again and he recorded a little audio for my facebook Arthur Darvill fansite. He is such a nice guy and I surely owe him a pint for this when I see him next time. Here is what he has to say:

Arthur Audio

Hope you’re all well and enjoy your weekends.

Take care and may the Force be with you.



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