No more Job Center Plus nonsense!!! Finally free!

So this part of my life is finally over! No more turning up to the super unfriendly, unprofessional so called Job Center. The people who ‘work’ there are not really there to help you except the last lady, I had for my last two visits. I think she was the only, living human being in this building!

Anyway, it is official now:


Whooohooo! All this thanks to Neil, who made me his business partner and taught me how to edit audiobooks over the last couple of weeks.
I NEVER expected it to be so much work! No I really appreciate a good audiobook even more!

And after finishing a couple of them I must say that it feels kinda cool to know that there are people out there who listen to the stuff you have build together.
Audiobooks for the WIN! 🙂

Although I must be honest…the last couple of weeks weren’t that easy. I was in my deepest deep. Everything around me was just black and horrible….there was nothing positive…and I was so very close to just go back to Germany.
Thanks to some harsh but true words from my best friend who knows me inside out, I realized that I was once again in one of my own created deep pits bathing my misery and enjoying it.

Well, kinda. I think that is one of the hardest things I have to learn in my life: that it is up to ME to be happy. I have to allow myself to be happy and see the world in all its colours and not only in black and white.

I mean what else can I ask for in life? I have a wonderful partner who loves me, have lots of cats around me to play, cuddle and snooze with. We have a beautiful garden, have toys to play with and enough money to survive.

And we both have now a job to share with, more work to come in and (hopefully) more free time to spent together in our garden,  drive around  or walk into town.

And speaking of business… HERE can you find our new website Ladbroke Audio. Have a look around and make sure you visit the about site. 😉

Off we go into a new future including more audiobooks, more work and more fun!

Wish you all a FANTASTIC weekend 🙂


One response to “No more Job Center Plus nonsense!!! Finally free!

  1. Congratulations! With global unemployment at a record high for it’s third year running since the start of the economic crisis, international studies are suggesting a weak recovery for employment is likely to continue in 2011, especially in developed economies & may be leaving many people wandering how this will effect there employment & financial future.

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