A new Doctor is in town!

Good morning everyone.

I had two fantastic days with Neil and just wanted to tell you what we did.

On Thursday we went into London to see Simons Cat book and video premier, but first we stop in a great Whisky shop. Gosh, all the different sorts….one more tempting then the other. After a couple of minutes I finally found a new one to try. Well, what can I say….it is absolutely delicious!

After that we stopped at Forbidden Planet and discovered that they had the Delta Squad action packs! EEEEK! But as you know…you always find too many new cool stuff in their store…and so we ended up with some more new Troopers. 😉

Around half 5 we went to the Prince Charles Cinema and had a fantastic time at the book premier! Simon told us some of his cat adventures & inside stories. We also got his newest book and lots of other goodies as a present for winning the contest.

On our way back through Chinatown we stopped at a little store with loads of cool looking hats…and…yes…I couldn’t resist…so I ended up with two new ones. One in red and one in black.

On Friday, we had to get up early in the morning to get into London for the last Serpents Crest recording. So we spent the day with the almighty and extremely lovely Tom Baker, the sweet Richard Franklin and Susan Jameson.
It was the first time for me to see Richard, and what can I say? He is sooooo sweet!

But I am sooo nervous when it comes down to Tom, so Michael from AudioGo had to introduce me to him to break the ice. That was sooo nice of him. So in the end I got a very nice chat with Tom, he even signed my photo of him with ‘For Tanja’

Yes, I know…he didn’t really wrote Tanja…more Tanga…but hey…it still means a lot to me. I was also brave enough to give him a letter I have written and he was very sweet and said: ‘Do I have your address?’ and I told him that he would find it inside.
What a charming person he is! I also got a  cuddle from him which made me soooo incredibly happy! And how knows? Maybe I’ll get a letter back from him?!

And since we had such a great time in the studio, I also had the chance to borrow the long scarf Michael had brought to take this brilliant picture:

Shame that our Canon ran out of juice that day, so Neil took this picture with his Android phone. But still, I think this is the first ever photo of me that I really like….well…to be honest…I don’t like it….


So, that shall be it for the moment. Time for me to rap myself up in blankets to fight my cold…

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

Tanja x 🙂


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