CC = Cars and Cats

Morning all.

As some of you know, our two youngsters had to go to the VET last Wednesday to get their men parts removed and to get the microchips. So, I tried to bring them with my car to the Vet early in the morning, only to find out that the bloody new car battery from Halfords was dead again. Well, thanks for that!!!

So I had to use Neil’s car instead and had to have a chat afterwards with the nice guys from Classic Automobiles around the corner. They came, jumpstarted the car and took it to the garage. After  24h of recharging my car finally moves again! Just hope that the battery didn’t take any damage and I can get to Germany in 2 weeks without any problems.

And now, on a sunny Friday morning, the electronic cat-flap is now open and in constant use of our youngsters who are now allowed to go outside.
I must say that it feels odd to me to see them running outside. I just hope that they stay away from strangers and cars! Yes, I know that I am always too  worried when it comes down to cats…but…I love them so much…so I can’t help it.

And here a few pictures from our gang

Jiji is now going in and out every few minutes and he is now playing with his catnip mouse. Toshiro though is somewhere outside and I hope he will come back soon.

Right, suppose it is time to finally start work and later this evening I will definitely continue knitting my Doctor Who inspired scarf….I must get to 2.5 metres at some point 😉

Wish you all a beautiful weekend.

Tanja x


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