Fight for your life!

This week was certainly THE most difficult week I had so far here in the UK. Why you may ask, well let me try to explain what was going on in my crazy mind.

I don’t really know where to start so you have to bare with my mad writing in this post.

This week I decided to go back to Germany. I’ve got a job offer a tool maker plus assisting production manager and I could have started basicly the same day. So I told Neil that I was thinking of taking it to earn my own money and be more independent again. But that also meant that I had to leave him for that.

Of course you are right that this wouldn’t happen if everything was fluffy and happy. But let’s be honest, we all have our little probs and weird things about us and I did the same bloody error like I always did in my life: go the easiest way and walk away.
I did that in my longest relationship I ever had with a person…I just gave up and turned away without fighting for it.

So let’s try to cut it short without getting into too much detail…after a very emotional day, a lot of talking, I decided that this time I won’t run away from the problem, THIS time I would face it! We both did and I feel so relieved that we finally did talked everything through.
I mean I gave up all my life back in Germany to come over here for the man I love. We even have now our own business together and I really enjoy the editing work and much more, work from home! So why should I give all that up? Of course I miss my forests, my mum and my friends but with the new business it will also allows me to drive/fly back home instead of just once a year.

And now, after everything is sorted and I feel so relieved and calm again I will stay here in this weird British Island and will start to conquer the Universe from here .

So let’s fight for your life and your happiness because it is YOUR life and BE happy.

Tanja đŸ™‚


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