About a letter from a dear friend and about friendship

Today I’ve got a letter from one of my best friends in Germany. We worked for 13 years together in a company and had a very good friendship outside the work place as well.

Walter was always there for me and was more of a dad then my real dad ever was!

It is so wonderful to get a handwritten letter from someone that is so important for you and who lives now so far away. That really made my day because I know that there is still someone who hasn’t forgotten me.
Of course I’ve already handwritten him a reply and hope that he can read my scribbly handwriting. Fingers crossed that I’ll see him in two weeks when I fly back to Germany to celebrate my mum’s birthday and have some time in my old forest.

Shame that I still struggle to make real friends over here in the UK…
Still the best friends I have here are friends from twitter and I know only 2 of them in real life. Weird isn’t it?

But I am not alone with this ‘problem’ and because of that Neil came up with the idea of the Tweet-Up Club to give everyone the chance to finally meet the people behind the @ in real life.  Sadly the response isn’t the best yet but I hope that will change after x-mas!

That reminds me that it is almost time to write my x-mas /Yule cards for my online friends around the world.  So if you want to get one as well, get in touch.



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