Where has the year gone to?

Hiya everyone,

It is December and it is almost x-mas again. Time to look back and review a few things.

It certainly was a very tough year for me, full of frustration, anger and disappointment…but also with loads of fun, surprises and a very important realisation.

I think the first, big and important thing was to come off the books of the bl***y JobCenter plus (I still wonder for what that plus stands for…certainly not for customer service and help) and launch Ladbroke Audio together with Neil. It means so much for me to finally earn my own money and be able to buy stuff for myself, the cats or Neil without asking him for money all the time.

Just to be able to drive to the Garden Center and by a bird feed table made me so stupidly happy that I kept watching it all day long through the window to see the birds…well..squirrels to be honest….get their food.
I know that might sound silly….but it really makes me happy to know that I can help that little wildlife we have here in Croydon (yes, even the cheeky squirrels). That was also the reason to join the Surrey Wildlife Trust for a fiver per month, to help them do even more for the wildlife here in the UK.
Next year I will try to do a bit more for the bees and other insects in our garden, so that it will be our very own little wildlife paradise.

I think the next big thing for me was a hug from the almighty and wonderful Tom Baker. I mean…come on….he IS the fourth Doctor! Thanks to the help of Michael from AudioGo (because I was too shy to start a conversation with him) I got into a lovely chat with Tom and even got a hug. (melt) Even if I didn’t grew up with him in Doctor Who…he will always be my favourite Doctor!
That day I gave him a little letter in which I wrote how much he changed my life and how much I love him as the Doctor…and a few weeks later I even got a replay!!! (geeky happyness)



And inspired by him I started to knit my very own Doctor Who scarf. And after weeks and aching fingers it is finally finished and I really, really love it!


The next scarf I have to knit will be for Neil…and I think there are already 4 more people who want one as well. Guess that means I have to learn how to knit faster. 😉

This year was also the year of shocking cat events. First Schnecke got a deep wound on his tail and we had to go to the emergency service around 11 PM. Second (again) Schnecke got poisoned and had to stay 2 days at the VET to be monitored. Luckily he survived and is a happy, fluffy bunny again.
We also got two young kitten and we weren’t sure if we wanted to keep them or find a new home for them. But let’s be honest….how can you give something that cute away after we had coddled them up?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, I’m going to fly back to Germany for a couple of days to celebrate my mum.s birthday and have a great time with her. Can’t wait to see her again and have a nice long walk in my old forest again.

Hope you are all having a good time and don’t get too much stressed with all the x-mas shopping duties.

Talk to you soon.



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