Where is home?

I came back here to Germany last Tuesday evening and it feels so good to see the huge forests over here. On my first day here my mum and I drove through the town where I lived for 9 years and we stoped at the garage so I could pop into their workshop for a chat with my boys. It was great that they all still remembered me and I got big hugs from all of them. After 10 minutes or so we then went up to my favourite view point where my mum to show her the beautiful view.

And after a nice shopping tour where we got all the delicious thing I don’t have in the UK and spent the evening with dining. 🙂

On Saturday came one of my best friends for a short visit and we had a long chat, talked about my old employer and he showed me some nice pictures from his new wooden log hutt he’s working on. It was so good to see him again and I can’t wait to get the next letter from him.

But to be honest…I am a little bit home sick and can’t wait to be back home with Neil and the fluffies. Although I miss my forest and friends from over here I think that my new home now is the UK. Shocking…I know. Even if I don’t really have many (or no real friends too be honest) over there, I call it my home because that is where my partner and my fluffies are!

So one more night (again only with a few hours sleep before the pain kicks in) and then I’ll be back on he plane and on my way back home.

Hmm…that smell…guess it is almost dinner time…so see you in a few hours back on the island. 😉



One response to “Where is home?

  1. Liebe Tanja, ich wünsche Dir und Deinem Freund von Herzen schöne Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr. Ich freue mich, dass Du jetzt doch eine Perspektive in England hast – mache einfach so weiter !!!
    Alles, alles Liebe und viele Grüße

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