Saturday morning

Beautiful morning here in Croydon. Blue sky, sunshine and -3.6° Clesius out there. Would be perfect for a nice, long walk through a forest.

The cats enjoy the sunshine either outside or (like Baghi & Schnecke) on the window sill with heating warming them up from underneath as well.

Also got two new bird feeder which our little, fluffy friends seem to like. One of them is a Squirrel safe peanut feeder and all the tits seem to enjoy to have one safe feeding opportunity. 🙂

I also took our eternal kitten Manny to the Vet yesterday (because he was back from holiday…the Vet not our cat) and the good news is that there aren’t any crystals left. Good news! We now have to continue his diet (good that I just bought 9 kilos of special food from Hills and Royal Canin for him) for at least 6 weeks and can change the food to something less expensive.

Now time to wake up…if I can ever open my eyes and get rid of the lovely headache.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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