The trouble with the Fluffies and the joy of a superb Online Store

Another week another worry.

After all the worries we had about our eternal kitten Manny, it was now Schnecke again, who needed to get raced to the Vet yesterday morning. After Manny had his second blockage, Schnecke had his second kind of poising symptoms like the last time.

So I called the Vet as soon as they opened and was in the car only a couple of minutes later. Again he had to stay in to pump fluids, antibiotics and painkiller into him.
In the afternoon,  the Vet called and he couldn’t tell me what caused all the symptoms. the blood-test didn’t gave them any clue  but at least we know that it isn’t any of the nasty stuff cats can get like AIDS.

What I have to do know with him is make sure that he looses weight with, guess what, even more special food. Sigh. Let’s just hope his kidneys or pancreas  don’t fail…which would be a horrible.

Poor Schnecke is now snuggled up under my duvet and will properly stay there for the next 2-3 hours. When he comes out, I’ll give him a little bit of his new food, which he ate at the Vet and Baghi will also get his beloved Kitekat gravy.

Thanks to MonsterPetSupplies (who kindly added kitekat in just a few days to their store) I finally have some food which Baghi loves. So no more order from Germany anymore. They are a fabulous online store, always fun to twitter with  and you really should check them out if you have any pets at home.

Right, back to work now to earn some money for all the Vet bills we had over the last half year.

Take care till next time



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