We try to learn Japanese with Rosetta Stone

Konba wa or good evening everyone,

Rosetta Stone Japanese arrived a couple of days ago and today I took a few lessons. It is great fun I must say…BUT…it gets very quickly, VERY difficult! Especially when it comes down to the Japanese letters I get quickly lost. My advice to everyone who uses Rosetta Stone, is to take as many notes while you go as you can. It certainly makes it a lot easier to look things up and remember things.

I also downloaded the Mobile Companion and will try it over the next couple of days to see how that works. I’m not sure yet if I can learn Japanese completely with that program but I think it will give you a pretty good idea of how the language works and helps you to at least have basic conversations (hopefully).

And there is still the option to go and visit a Japanese course somewhere to get the bits I didn’t quite get.

If any of you ever learned with Rosetta Stone feel free to tell me your experience. I would love to hear how easy or difficult you found it. 🙂

Until next time



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