Audiobooks, People And Black Beauties

Good afternoon everyone,

It’s been a couple of days since I last posted so here I am again. After almost 3 weeks of editing one MAHOOSIVE audiobook it is now finished and Neil is mastering it right now. So time for me to relax for the rest of the afternoon and write a new blog entry.

One thing that annoyed me this week was people. One sort of people in particular: those who just use you for their purpose.  People who talk about honour, respect and discipline but treat those principles like shit.
I mean what’s the deal? If you just pretend that those things are important to you how dare you to tell other people then how to behave? I think those people should mind their own business and keep away from groups where you are allowed to have fun while learning and that isn’t supposed to be a military environment!

I just hate people like that who destroy those wonderful groups and friendship just because they only think about themselves and try to change everything to THEIR liking without thinking about the damage they might do.

ARGH! Well, let’s leave this topic for now and move on to my love of taking pictures.

First I must warn you that I am a big lover of crows and ravens and luckily I have almost every morning a group of carrion crows high up in the tree to admire.
So two days ago I got my camera, went outside and tried my luck and this is what I got:

I must say that I was surprised how good the pictures came out and I uploaded them directly into my #Birdwatch2012 folder on Picasa Webalbum. So feel free to have a look around there as well. I will keep taking photos of all sort of birds that I can get in front of my lens over the year and upload them there. I wonder how big my collection will be at the end of the year.

Sadly there isn’t much response to anything on G+ to new pictures at the moment, so I try different ways of sharing them with a different group of people.

I am also looking forward to start training Iaido again. It is far too long ago since I had my Iaito out of the bag and in use. That might also help my back to keep that Tietze Syndrome away so I will have painless nights again.

Right, now I have to cuddle with Schnecke before he jumps all over the keyboard to claim me.

Wish you all a wonderful and sunny rest of the week.

Tanja ❤


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