I went to the GP on Tuesday because I had mahoooosive pain in my shoulder. Pain that was so bad that I couldn’t sleep most of the night and that made it almost impossible for me to get out of bed without biting into the duvet. It felt like someone was ripping my arm off. So I went to the GP to get some help but also to start a very odd conversation about breast reduction because I have cup size G and the total weight of the breasts is around 2 kg!

So off I went to talk to him about all that. For the pain he just said take some painkillers and about the breast reduction he said ‘Are you sure?’ while staring at my breasts. ‘Yes I am.’ I answered and he came back with all that bullshit that the NHS never grants a breast surgery anyway and that it wouldn’t even be worth asking or starting the process. Note: he was still staring at my breasts the whole time. That f*****g moron.

So I left the GP with some new painkillers that surely numbed the pain (no wonder because they are Codeine pills) but that still didn’t solve my problem. So luckily Neil decided to make an appointment for me at a local Osteopath the next day.

And what can I say….it was fabulous. The Osteopath was great and I immediately felt comfortable with her. After asking all the usual questions she soon told me that the cause for my back and shoulder problems are my large breasts because their weight strains a lot on my shoulders which then causes all the pain. I then told her what the so called GP said as I mentioned a breast reduction and she couldn’t understand his reaction at all and even offered to write for me a letter with a recommendation for the GP. She absolutely recommends a reduction because it would would really improve my health and life quality.

So can I now go back the this idiot of GP and smack his face? GRRRR! I am so damn angry about the behaviour of this so called Doctor. I mean it already took me a lot to find the right words to start the conversation about my breasts which I find extremely embarrassing and then you get smacked in the face with such an answer. Cheers for nothing moron!

Now Neil and I will change to a different GP and let’s hope that they then at least listen and really try to help you and not just give you some pills a stupid smile and then send you away.

Thanks to the most wonderful Neil I discovered how great an Osteopath is and how freely I can move my head after one session again. Will go back there next week to keep an eye that shoulder.

Will keep you posted and my apology for my rude writing here…but all that needed to be said!

Have a great rest of the week.



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