Monster Pet Supplies’ Cat nom-nom’s

Finally I’ve found some time to review a few products for the MonsterPet Team.

First let’s start with the huge box that turned up: Image

And in it I found all these great cat treats:


So let’s have a closer look and let me tell you what the gang of 7 cats had to say about all their new goodies.

The gang of 7 judges are:


Baghira, 14 years young and very difficult to please with new sorts of food.


Queen Fenny, 4 years young and the one who only likes dry cat food.


Jiji our 1 year youngster who inhales all sorts of food!


Agent Manfred, 3 years young and who has to be on a diet to keep his bladder free of crystals.


Old Rodney who is with his 24!!! years still a real gourmet!


Schnecke, the 14 year young (and brother of Baghira) pillow cat who prefers only dry cat food nowadays.


And the heart-breaker Toshiro himself. 1 year young and brother to Jiji, he likes all sorts of food.


So lets start with the Go Cat Chicken Duck & Rabbit Cat Food


This is good value food which all of our guys like and eat happily. The food bits themselves have a good size that isn’t that easy to swallow so that the cat has to chew first. Some of you cats owner will know what I mean. 😉
I think it is a good brand and a good product because all of our judges like it and the bowl is quicker empty then you think.


Next one is some premium food from Purina: Gourmet Perle Ocean Delicacies 12 x 85g


I tried this food with good, old Rodney since is has small bits of meat and a lot of sauce which makes it easier for him since he hasn’t got that many teeth left. Result: he really liked it and still licked the bowl clean after everything was long gone. The smell of this food is not too strong and the bits of meat have a good size for all cats to enjoy. The only thing I personally don’t like is that it seams to be a bit too much sauce in these pouches. But all the boys like it so I can’t complain.


Last one is the Felix Goody Bag 60g also from Purina


Well,…what can I say…this one is an all round WINNER. I mean it’s a bag full of snacks! What else do you need to make a cat happy…well…except from valerian, catnip, fresh fish and so on… 😀
This goody bag will keep your cat entertained and happy as long as it lasts. The bits are crunchy and small which means that even our old Rodney can enjoy them. All the bits are in different shapes and have a normal smell. So if you want to treat your fluffy friend then you can’t do much wrong with these little goody bag!

But enough for now. The gang demands some playtime in the sunshine while it’s lasts.

Have great weekend everyone.


One response to “Monster Pet Supplies’ Cat nom-nom’s

  1. Your cats are so cute! Never seen a taste test blog like this – very amusing! xx

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