I’ve got a very curious…erm…no…not curious….weird! phone call yesterday evening. A member of my old club called me, asking why they haven’t seen me in a while and if I’d be ok. He said that the club owner would like to see me again and that from his point of view there wouldn’t be any reason why I shouldn’t come back, since now all the troublemakers have left.

Well, if the club owner would have not , all of sudden, after a big event we were helping at, stopped any contact with me, didn’t reply to text messages, phone calls nor emails then why does he now wants me suddenly back? And if he would have actually read any of my emails he would have known why I didn’t come back and that I had a bloody breakdown because of it!

It’s just not really nice to just get dumped without any word of explanation. I was worried sick that I might had done something wrong during that event and that he broke up any contact because of it. 
But what really makes me angry and what really hurts the most is that he doesn’t even asks for himself! Why does he has to sent someone else to do it? Why can’t he just pick up the phone or come over and just talk? WHY? 


I don’t know if I want to go back to the club yet. I really don’t want to be hurt and disappointed again. I don’t really care about my grading or anything else. I loved training and there were times when I couldn’t get enough of it…but for the moment….for the moment it brings back too many emotions and I lost my passion for it…so maybe it’s best to stay on my own for a while and continue the best I can until I know what to do….to return….or to continue on my own.



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