Creative words

by Tanja Glittenberg

Darkness. Nothing but darkness.
Then a bright light of tremendous pain.

Fear. Loneliness. Lost. Everyone’s lost.
Where am I?

Silence. Nothing but silence.
Then another bright flash of pain.
Screams. Cries. Tears.
What happened?

Humming. A familiar humming.
More flashes of unbearable pain
.Ships. Spaceships. Lightning.
Why are they fighting?

Green light. A large room.
Pain. So much pain.
Fear. Blood. Dead.
Why don’t they stop?

Bright light. A beam of pure Energy.
No more pain. Everything is new.
Feelings. Strange new feelings.
Who am I?

Humming. Green light in a large room.
A console. A whisper of memories.
Gallifrey. The Time Lords.
What happened?

Pictures. Horrible pictures in my mind.
Fighting between the Daleks and my people.
So many died in this war.
The Time War.

More pictures and memories of death.
This must end!
I made a decision and ended this.
What have I done?

Sadness. Loneliness.
The Time Wars is over.
Everyone’s dead.
The Time Lords and the Daleks are gone.

I’m the only one left.
The only survivor.
I’m the last of the Time Lords.
I walk in eternity…alone…lost…but alive.

I am the Doctor.


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