A new life

No light
No voices
No warm
No cold

Then light
Blinding light
The beginning
The birth of everything
The birth of this universe

And there is something
A strange blue box
Police public call box
Is written on it
What is this thing?
Where’s it from?

Then a door opens
A men stands in the door
Intense blue eyes looking around
Searching for something
Then he reaches his hand out
I try to catch it

His bright blue eyes fixed on it
Then seconds later
A big grin is on the face of this men
As he get what he searched for

The men dissapear and the doors from the box close

Inside orange and green lights baths the huge room
And the men stand there

And something steps into life
A new idea
A new dream
A new way of life

Welcome to the Doctors world
A world where everything could happen
A world where everthing is possible
A world where dreams come true

Welcome to a new life


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